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Wagner brothers are flying high

A Toowoomba family has invested more than $100million to build Australia’s first greenfield public airport in 48 years. In just two years they have turned cow paddocks into a commercial airport and jet-capable runway and today they welcomed the first Qantas flight. But their journey hasn’t been without … Continue Reading


Paddock to Plate

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Don’t cry for me

The onion pain is nearly over for another year. Onion farmer's wives the world over (well in the Fassifern and Lockyer Valleys at least) are crying tears of joy that the smelly part of the year is nearly … Continue Reading


As happy as a pig in …

AS far as second dates go this one was memorable – and life changing. Julia Powell, a New Zealander just back from 15 years in the UK, barely knew Shane Muller, a chef turned communications specialist. Despite … Continue Reading