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Sebastian Vasta

Rice just as sweet for cane farmers

When you've been farming a certain crop in a certain way for as long as you can remember, the temptation is to stick with what you know. But like most things in life, nothing in farming stays the same and if farmers are to survive in an increasingly competitive market place they have to consider new crops … Continue Reading

In Scenic Rim

Paddock to Plate


The power of camel milk

In a world focused on super-cheap cow’s milk it seems unlikely that consumers would choose to pour $30/litre camel milk in their coffee. But Sunshine Coast camel farmer, Lauren Brisbane, says she sells out every … Continue Reading

Carl Young and Aimee Young_Young Farmers

Young farmers forging their own path

When Aimee Young’s mum urged her to sell the last cow she was keeping on the family farm, she had no idea the business venture that would follow. “I’d moved to Brisbane seven years before and had one cow left on … Continue Reading


Bringing Joy to the bush

Journalism really is a wonderful career. You get to meet interesting people doing amazing and unusual things and I can honestly say after 20 years as a 'professional stickybeak' I love my job.  Some days I love it … Continue Reading