Fashionable & Fabulous

You may think small country towns are low on creative talents … how wrong you are.

Our town has just finished its annual Arts Festival – a week-long showcase of the gifted, creative people who live here.

A highlight for me was the Calico on the Catwalk parade. Each year a strong field transforms bog standard beige calico into the most fabulous creations. Wedding dresses, fantasy costumes, gothic capes – some of these costumes are so amazing they would not look out of place on a Paris catwalk.

But the talent doesn’t end there. The local high school students performed dance and drama segments which were weaved through the fashions. Their performance was directed by high school drama teacher Anita Doncaster who moved out here about five years ago. She says she arrived to the small town with some fixed ideas of how the local community would view the arts. Those ideas have been blown out of the water. She reckons her students are more open to all forms of art than many of the kids she taught in the city.

Take a look through this picture gallery and you’ll soon see what she means. BTW, the wonderful pics were taken by our local councillor (and dairy farmer’s wife), Heather Wehl … I rest my case.

  • Julia

    Love them, they are just fab, would you mind if I posted some pic on my blog? Bushbelles

  • Gen

    Well said.