Kate’s new business has real legs

Kate Perry and Bruce

Kate Perry is an artist and fashion designer but her clients aren't your typical arty crowd. They're scuffy, smelly and some have very bad breath. But that doesn't deter this Ipswich graphic artist - her business has real legs ...four of them in fact. Kate is behind Dog's Breakfast Illustrations and her portraits of much-loved family dogs have attracted customers from … [Read more...]

Early experiences vital for children

This parenting gig is a tough one. There are plenty of books advising us on the right way and the wrong way to raise our children but ultimately (for me at least) it's a work in progress. One area I feel we could have done better in the early years was engendering a love of reading in our boys. Sure we read to them but neither have developed a real passion for reading. I … [Read more...]

Bruno Mars eat/sing your heart out

The All Saints Choir preparing for their performance

We were up early this morning for a very special event. Alex, our eldest son, recently joined the All Saints school choir and this morning the choir sang live on Spencer Howson's breakfast program on ABC Radio Brisbane. The ABC team drove to Boonah bright and early to record the performance. The children were amazing - as were their teachers Mrs Munnings and Mrs … [Read more...]