Craft, community and cake

Irish Skinner, Sue McFarlane and Olive Neuendorf

In the small Scenic Rim town of Kalbar old-fashioned crafts are being kept alive thanks to a group of women who meet every fortnight. The Kalbar Craft Group formed 33 years ago. The group is as much about friendship and community as it is about craft. I recently attended a Kalbar Craft Group meeting to speak with one of the original members, Olive Neuendorf and Kalbar … [Read more...]

These pantry staples are made with love

jam on toast

Recently I've been given some jars of gorgeous handmade jams and relishes. I hate to say it but I used to think jam-making was a little bit dull. A bit country, a bit daggy. How wrong was I. It seems to me that homemade jams and chutneys have shed their dowdy, country kitchen persona and are making a revival as the ‘must-have’ addition to a modern pantry. Lucky for me I … [Read more...]

QLD pumpkins in season now

good taste mag

The latest edition of Good Taste Magazine features one of our local farmers -  Kalbar pumpkin grower Michael Rieck. He's been helping out on the family farm since he was a young boy and now his children are enjoying the same farming upbringing that he did. Qld pumpkins are now in store and they're great buying because oversupply has led to a very poor market - the … [Read more...]