It’s time for THE talk. S.E.X. Already?

sex education

It was an ambush plain and simple. There we were, enjoying a lazy Sunday on the couch. Quality family time and all that. Mr Bean and I were reading books. The youngest was diligently doing his word revision and the eldest, who I have to nag ad nauseam to read finally conceded and picked up a book. But not just any book, he opened his school DICKtionary ... as he likes … [Read more...]

Sex or coffee? It’s your choice.


My husband is a  patient, good humoured man. I've been writing about him since we were courting and never once has he asked me to leave something out. Of course I do try to use my internal moderator and leave the private stuff for private. So this week when a mate sent him a text that said: 'I hear sex has dropped off your to do list' he wondered what I had been … [Read more...]

S.E.X. The questions are coming. Help!


It all started innocently enough. We were driving home from the bus stop - my two boys and one of their friends. Alex looked out the window and pointed out the brown cows. 'Can we get some brown cows mum?' Maybe dear and then to change the topic I asked his mate: ' Do you have cows?' To which he gave me this very detailed answer: 'Yes we have 14 black cows and one … [Read more...]

‘Darling, I think we need to date’

This article first appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin. WE’VE been married five years and we’re the proud, but frazzled, parents of two boys under four. So you won’t be surprised to hear that the sizzle has gone out of our marriage. Who wants sex when they can sleep? Forget about whispering sweet nothings, just tell me you’ll do the dishes, vacuum the floors and hang the … [Read more...]